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Fiat Group, one of West Europeís big gainers
Published: Mon, 17th July 2017 15:04:00 GMT  

West European Fiat FCA Car sales bounce back

Just as all winning streaks come to an end eventually, possibly the same can be said for a losing streak. That at least is the impression from Italyís Fiat Group, which now stands out as one of the European continentís biggest sales gainers. Expressed in cold numbers, Fiat Groupís first half car sales in Western Europe rose almost three faster than the overall car market. Moreover, this follows yet another faster than average 7.2 per cent sales surge in June

Thanks in no small measure to the sustained rebound in new car demand in Italy, which on its own is still responsible today for almost 60 per cent of Fiat Groupís sales in Western Europe, the Fiat Group has comfortably outperformed this yearís West European new car market.

First half Group car sales in Western Europe rose by a strong 10 per cent, resulting in a market share gain of nearly half a percentage point.

These good efforts were repeated in June when Group sales rose at more than five times the market rate.

But not only Fiatís strongly rebounding Italian home market deserves close focus as ever, this time the same goes for its spirited inroads in Germany, Europeís biggest car market.

Here, back with a firm an unexpectedly strong resurgence, FCAs half-year sales rose more than seven times faster than Germanyís overall car market.

In Germanyís front row, only Toyota-Lexus, thanks presumably to its on-going juicy hybrid car incentives, grew quicker than strongly rebounding Fiat.

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