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EUROPE - Consumers’ wallets stay shut
Europe’s January car market gripped by chill wind of winter – down 7.9%
Published: Thu, 16 Feb 2012 20:42:56 GMT

Hopes that a downturn in this year’s already vulnerable looking West European car market could be averted were dealt a blow.

According to provisional figures published by Acea, West Europe’s new car sales fell by almost 8 per cent in January, marking the fourth and also the steepest successive fall in a row.

January’s poor month for new car sales in western Europe has sent many autoindustry analysts back to their laptops to revise downwards already low car sales forecasts for this year. A fall of 5 to 10 per cent is now consensually seen as this year’s most likely turnout.

West European car sales in January dropped 7.9 per cent as consumers stayed away from showrooms at levels not seen since January 2009.

Last month’s car sales shrank to 0.94m, which marked the first submillion January turnout since 2009, when sales slumped by just over a quarter to an only marginally lower 0.89m sold units


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