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West European car sales penetration forecast 2016ELECTRIC CAR MARKET | EXCLUSIVE
West Europe’s electric car sales could soon sweep over 1% monthly penetration threshold  

Electric car sales volume increased by between 47.6 per cent and 93.9 per cent this October in Norway, France, Germany and the UK.  In consequence, for the whole of Western Europe the boost resulted in a near two-thirds sales increase over the same month last year, thus elevating the region’s closely monitored electric car sales share in October to 0.77 per cent

  | AID forecasts 86,000 West European electric car sales this year
| Tesla Model S captures July’s West European electric car sales crown by narrow margin




Audi grill California EPA USA dieselsUSA
Audi acknowledges that V6 diesel software needs modification to comply with EPA rules 

Volkswagen’s upmarket Audi brand, this week, conceded to US authorities that its 3.0 litre V6 diesel used in the US in Volkswagen Group cars are equipped with software that contravenes ruling Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rules

  | Has Volkswagen’s fool’s game primed ticking time bomb?
| Diesel or not, that is the question







Germany car sales October 2015 Audi A8 number plateGERMANY
Flat October market takes earlier fizz out of Germany’s car market  

Germany’s encouraging car sales recovery came to a sudden halt in October, seemingly ending a period of markedly faster than earlier anticipated car sales expansion that first began during the closing months of last year and has gathered further momentum ever since

  | Hyundai masterclass, don’t run before you can walk
| SUV-Crossovers outsell mainstream Small-Sector cars for the first time




Volvo in-depth West European car sales graphic AID NewsletterIN-DEPTH REPORT | VOLVO
Volvo still waiting for full prestige sector membership status 

Ambitious mass carmakers, it seems, are aiming for a notable presence in the more lucrative and less volatile prestige sector league. That’s due chiefly to the mouthwatering fat margins earned with these upmarket cars

  | Lexus’ sales pitch in Europe has scarcely raised a ripple
| BMW’s European party balloon just keeps climbing




India car sales January - October history - India trafficINDIA
India’s car sales train on the move again 

India’s briefly hibernating new car buyers may once again be returning to heavily stocked dealer showrooms, but the resulting rebound in new car demand isn’t exactly rip-roaring: The car market is up just about 8 per cent so far in 2015 after posting a promising 9.5 per cent sales gain this September, according to data from the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM)

  | India - Nissan/Datsun - Cannibalisation could be a worry
| Korean model tops half year best sellers’ list in Brazil



| Peter Schmidt Editor In Chief AID NewsletterFULL ARTICLE | EDITORIAL
India back on heat, has Renault pulled an ace out of the pack?

"Naturally, it’s early days, and one swallow doesn’t make a summer. But if gut-feel is any guide, Renault’s brand-new Kwid, with a 95% plus local content, looks likely to turn into a cunningly chosen springboard for entering in force the Indian and Pacific rim markets. A growth region in which Renault is largely noted for its absence
Peter Schmidt | Editor

| Renault’s no frills Dacia brand fills vacuum created by Škoda’s upmarket move




West European Diesel car sales trend 2015DIESELS | EXCLUSIVE
Threatened mass-disappearance act from Europe’s diesel car buyers is notable for its absence 

In spite of some market fears that Europe’s long flourishing diesel car market could be heading for a severe downturn after the fallout from Volkswagen’s emissions scandal, AID’s exclusively compiled provisional diesel car sales data for October shows that consumers’ underlying demand for today’s tainted fuel-sippers has remained fairly unscathed

  | Diesels still account for more than half the cars sold in Western Europe
| Slowing diesel pulse rate, but nothing drastic




October car sales Western Europe AID NewsletterWESTERN EUROPE | EXCLUSIVE
Hints that media’s toxic firestorm sparked by VW’s emission scandal is hurting showrooms traffic 

West Europe’s new car market has decelerated, if not into an outright downturn, then to a comparative crawl. But it’s not as bad as it looks. No doubt, October’s car sales activity has slowed a great deal – up just 2.5 per cent compared with the ongoing burst of energy seen in earlier months

  | Volkswagen’s October sales in Europe have fallen but not plummeted
| Slowing diesel pulse rate, but nothing drastic




VW brad car sales October 2015 snowWESTERN EUROPE | EXCLUSIVE
Volkswagen’s October sales in Europe have fallen but not plummeted 

Rarely in recent autoindustry history has one leading car manufacturers been so rocked. So far so good. The crisis-struck Volkswagen brand, reflecting signs of a delicate damage limitation exercise at the sharp end of dealer premises, appears to have done well to offset the feared potential hammer blow of today’s crisis

  | Volkswagen takes a big step back | Q3 financial results
| Slowing diesel pulse rate, but nothing drastic




|  By country October 2015 v October 2014


|  By country October 2015 v October 2014
|  By country 10-months 2015 v 10-months 2014


|  By manufacturer October 2015 v October 2014
|  By manufacturer 10-months 2015 v 10-months 2014


|  By manufacturer October 2015 v October 2014
|  By manufacturer 10-months 2015 v 10-months 2014


|  By manufacturer September 2015 v September 2014
|  By manufacturer 9-months 2015 v 9-months 2014


|  In depth look into Volvo's West European sales



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