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Is it part of your job function to know as much as possible about the true state of health and future direction of certain vehicle manufacturers and their main markets?

Are you expected to have an informed view on likely opportunities and risks in the automotive markets of Western and Central Europe, Japan, BRIC markets and the US?  

Do you need to know the market size of current sub-sectors within the industry such as fully electrical passenger cars (EV), plug-in hybrids (PHEV), range extenders, conventional hybrids or perhaps diesel powered passenger cars?

Do you take a professional interest in tracking potentially fast-expanding fringe markets such as Indonesia and Malaysia for instance?

Have you had the need to distinguish fact from fiction with regard to the likely future prospects of sub-sectors such as diesels, plug-in electric vehicles (PHEV), hybrids, people-carriers, 4WD sports-utilities (SUV) or head-turning sports cars? Or, for this matter, CDVs, LCVs or light, medium or heavy trucks?

Do you feel that the industry stands accused of forcing the good news more often than not?

If your answer is no to all of the above questions, read no further

The good the bad and the ugly

AID's truly independent Newsletter provides you twice a month with an unbiased, factual and authoritative account of salient world industry events. Unlike many other similar publications, AID reports on things as they are. What's more the type of reporting goes further than the mere and common processing of raw and sketchy information that regularly swamps the motoring or business press. AID is totally unbiased and has made it obvious that it is not a mouthpiece of the industry. Instead, it endeavours to give a balanced overall view on past, current and future events, which often means that you, the industry participant, will be reminded on occasion of something you already knew, have long suspected or perhaps haven't yet thought of.

Autoindustry watchdog

For more than two decades AID has been reporting on the industry to a growing number of devoted readers who more often than not have described the long-established Newsletter as "compulsive reading", probably making the AID Newsletter one of the most respected autoindustry publications on the international scene.

True value for money

The AID Newsletter regularly provides world exclusive reports on topical industry trends. Alternative reports, often providing little extra information and insight into the field under investigation, can cost you tens of thousands of pounds when bought separately in a glossy business report. Some industry consultants, who - unlike AID staff - may not have the same reliable business connections nor the expert knowledge on the topic matter, can often provide you with less concrete fact in their report conclusion than is provided for no extra cost in one of the Newsletter's regular ‘In depth reports’.

Some readers explained their loyalty as follows:

  • written by experts in the field
  • factual true account of events
  • best market data in the business
  • digs deeper into the subject matter
  • remarkable inside knowledge
  • probably best trendwatchers on the scene
  • non-political
  • thoroughly original with many of its stories

AID compiled data has long been the basis of worldwide industry reporting. The footnote "Source: AID", "AID Estimates" or "Automotive Industry Data" stands for quality. That's why you find it mainly in quality publications, a fact that speaks for itself.
AID data, comment and analysis often forms the basis of many in-depth automotive articles written by highly respected journalists. Often, AID is asked to express its anonymous views in editorial comments of leading business publications.
AID material is now used widely by some of the world's most respected business publications, news services and business TV stations.

Freedom to see things the AID way

Simply put, AID stands for true factual data and analysis. The fact that we have been on the scene for more than twenty years and do not carry any advertising speaks for itself. As a result we have the freedom to see things our own way without having to ponder to powerful and cash-strong industry advertising executives.

An alternative view of what's really going on

Aimed at all those whose livelihood is in any form influenced by changes in the fast moving climate of the world - and particularly the European automotive scene - the AID Newsletter helps manufacturers, suppliers and dealers to understand better their competitors' actions.

The power of information

The publication also benefits decision makers in national sales companies, because it reports independently on the sales performance of other such subsidiaries in the rest of Europe or elsewhere. The reader, as a result, is continuously armed with alternative factual data that can be compared to that regularly received from the one-sided corporate centre. This will help you to distinguish facts from likely propaganda.
Thanks to its impartial reporting, the AID Newsletter is now read by most top companies connected with the world automotive scene, often providing factual key input to major strategic decisions. As well as reporting on events in individual countries, the European vehicle market is uniquely treated as one single region.

Unbiased, thought provoking analysis

Twice a month, the AID Newsletter assists decisions makers in industry and commerce to look beneath the glossy veneer projected by car and commercial vehicle manufacturers. Its in-depth investigations places AID at the forefront of automotive reporting. Sometimes you may disagree with AID's views, but nonetheless we are sure you will find interest in our well- researched alternative views.
The ability of our reporters to dig deeper and adopt a ‘warts and all’ approach provides a unique and unrivalled spirit towards investigative journalism. Facts are fully reported - balanced with praise where merited. AID's contacts within the industry provide an insider's view of the latest happenings in the car and commercial vehicle markets - vital for trendwatchers. We tell it like it is - often tempering conventional ‘news’ or product announcements from press departments with cold, hard facts.

Unique and authoritative

Since 1982, AID has provided its readers with detailed statistics not normally available outside the industry. Why? The industry may not like some of our views, but it believes nonetheless in our fair and unbiased style of reporting. Not a well-guarded secret, but we receive more data and co-operation from ‘confidential industry sources’ than most because we are trusted.
This unique blend of reporting and access to sales and production data gives AID the edge over conventional sponsored magazines. Our unique, authoritative, informed and original style of reporting keeps professional readers better informed.

Quarterly supplement 

The analysis task is helped considerably by the availability of a totally free and unique quarterly statistical supplement that provides factual quarterly sales data by manufacturer and country as well as quarterly sales trends in west European markets, the US, Japan and some east European markets. No other publication provides such a regular comprehensive and totally free statistical service to its readers.  


534/€769pa within Europe, US$854pa outside Europe)


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