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NEW PRODUCT - Volvo’s new V40 – relief for fuel-price shocked consumers
Volvo’s new V40 diesel emits just 94g/km CO2
Published: Thu, 19 Apr 2012 16:43:56 GMT

Volvo’s new Golf-class 5-door hatchback narrowly beats Toyota’s Prius on the topical fuel-economy front with a given average consumption of just 3.6 litres 100/km – that’s matched by hybrid-type 94g/km CO2 emissions.

Due to hit UK showrooms this September, on the road prices for Volvo’s fuel-sipping new V40 diesel start at £19,745.

A measure of its razor-sharp competitive edge, that compares with a similar £19,445 for VW’s run-out CO
2 99g/km Golf BlueMotion diesel and £21,095 for Toyota’s CO2 92g/km petrol-electric hybrid.

With UK fuel prices soaring to new highs, disgruntled motorists have been doing plenty of complaining at the nation’s filling stations.

Geely-owned Volvo simply couldn’t have picked a more opportune moment to unveil its new deep-green V40, which, thanks to its wallet-friendly average consumption of almost 79 mpg for the 115PS 1.6 litre diesel derivative, accompanied by CO
2 emissions of just 94g/km, offers at least some refuge for Europe’s fuel-price-shocked consumers ...more

Volvo V40 Pedestrian airbag new

Volvo V40’s pioneering pedestrian airbag



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