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STOCK MARKET VIEW - Mercedes - ‘Eye-popping’ China goals
Mercedes appears to be gunning for 800,000 plus car sales in China
Published: Thu,19 Apr 2012 18:53:56 GMT

Mea culpa admitted with Smart, A- and B-Class, Maybach - Huge volume expansion might clash with profit plan - Audi, BMW to emerge unscathed from Mercedes blitz - “Mercedes is about to launch a big, big investment programme in an effort to grow the business. Returns may go down before they go up”

Mercedes has big plans to catch up with BMW and Audi’s superior sales and profits, but investment bankers have their doubts.

Mercedes has been schmoozing investors at meetings in Hungary and Berlin to spell out its plans for the future, whilst apologising for past failures.

Most investment bankers agreed that these plans were impressive in theory, but not many seem to think they have much chance of success


Mercedes A- and B-Class global sales target for 2020

Mercedes range Geneva 2012
Mercedes dogged by excessive headcount


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