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GREECE - Diesel latecomer
Lifting of diesel ban in big cities paves way for strong diesel inroads
Published: Thu, 03 May 2012 18:03:56 GMT

While diesels have continued to make large inroads into Europe’s car market, including of late even Switzerland and Scandinavia’s small markets - all comparative latecomers to Europe’s diesel car sales party - there was just one single market that clearly bucked the trend.

That market was Greece, and the reasons are easily identified.

Greece, some 20 years ago, banned the use of diesel powered cars in its two biggest cities.

As a result, diesel-powered cars could not be driven in either Athens or Thessaloniki, which couldn’t fail but impact on the country’s diesel car market.

That’s chiefly because a large chunk of the cars sold in Greece in an average year are sold in those two metropolitan areas.

The ramifications were such that Greece stood out as the only European car market with a virtually static and low single-digit diesel car sales share


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