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NEW PRODUCT - Audi A1 main course arrives – 5-door Sportback
Audi’s new 5-door A1 priced to steal volume car business
Published: Fri, 18 May 2012 10:06:14 GMT

Audi serves up main course 5-door A1 following 3-door entrée in late 2010 - Sportback expected to take two thirds of all UK A1 sales - Additional spanner in the works for volume carmakers

Following March’s UK market launch of Audi’s all new A1 5-door Sportback, the brand with 4 rings aims to stamp a lasting foothold in the Small/Premium-Sector where it first failed with its pricey A2 a decade ago.

With list prices starting at a keen £13,980 for the entry level 4-cylinder 86PS petrol model, Audi predicts that a high proportion of first-time buyers will migrate to this entry level 5-door model from non-premium brands.

A 1.4 TFSI 140PS 4-cylinder engine, featuring novel cylinder deactivation, will be added to the range later in the year. Under low-load conditions, this 4-cylinder petrol engine was conceived to operate as a fuel-sipping 2-cylinder unit

Audi A1 5-door Sportback UK road test

2 in 3 UK buyers to choose 5-door


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