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WESTERN EUROPE - Shivers in chill April showers
Germany and UK prop up Europe’s weakening and frail car market
Published: Fri, 18 May 2012 10:23:12 GMT

In April, and excluding Germany’s same month prop-up efforts, West Europe’s new car sales missed year ago levels by more than 10 per cent, bringing the regional sales shortfall at the one third stage to close on 11 per cent.

In contrast, following a steady and continuous recovery trend, Germany’s April car sales rose by a modest 2.9 per cent, adding up to the 8th gain in ten months.

Despite an ominously brief wobble during January and February this year, when sales remained disappointingly stuck at largely unchanged month-on-month 2011 levels, monthly sales have crept up again since then, and have now topped last year’s levels for the second month running



West European new car sales by manufacturer and marque:
- april 2012 v april 2011
4-MONTHS 2012 v 4-MONTHS 2011

European new car sales by country:
- april 2012 v april 2011
- 4-MONTHS 2012 v 4-MONTHS 2011

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