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INDIA - All makes Indian diesel car bonanza
India’s one-third diesel pump price advantage triggers diesel rush
Published: Fri, 18 May 2012 10:50:02 GMT

Given that today’s diesel pump price advantage in India can add up to a third, it comes as no surprise to market watchers that in India demand for diesel cars has in fact outstripped demand.

Figures show that in Mumbai today’s average pump price of diesel is just Rs45.99 compared with Rs70.66 for a litre of petrol, which equates to a mouthwatering 35 per cent pump price advantage for diesel fuel.

Diesel pump price advantage in India

Little wonder then that of late demand for most diesel fuelled cars in India has gone through the roof.

Trade sources have given to understand that today’s estimated diesel car sales share has already reached close on 50 per cent of light vehicle sales


INDIAN new car sales by manufacturer and marque:
- april 2012 v april 2011
4-MONTHS 2012 v 4-MONTHS 2011


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