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WORLD - VW cash taps still running
VW sees 10.2% jump to €3.2bn operating profits during 1st quarter
Published: Fri, 18 May 2012 11:43:33 GMT

Just three months into the current year, thanks to a 11.2 per cent jump in global vehicle deliveries to a highest-ever 2.26m vehicles for the period, Volkswagen Group almost doubled its pre-tax profits to €4.3bn, following a strong 26.3 per cent jump in sales revenue to €47.3bn.

Volkswagen offered an upbeat but still cautious outlook for the current year, saying it will further increase both its sales revenue and vehicle deliveries, but expects 2012 group operating profits to only match the €11.3bn posted during the whole of last year.

Of late, the Volkswagen Group seems to be able to do no wrong.

Among the first to kick off this year’s spring results presentations, the group started the new year in the manner it spent all of last year, growing markedly faster than generally expected

VW badge polish

VW produces shining results

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