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WESTERN EUROPE - Moving nowhere fast - Electric car sales
Demand for heavily subsidised electric cars in Europe has failed to pick up momentum
Published: Fri, 1 June 2012 10:02:12 GMT

YET another month of extremely weak sales data continues to show that the European electric car market seems to be going nowhere fast at present. In April, just 1,736 were sold in the whole of Western Europe.

By any measure, this yearís electric car sales season clearly got off to a false start, and the idea that these cars are simply not selling is yet again born out by AIDís exclusively compiled April car sales figures that show that electric car sales have remained painfully slow.

Nissan LEAFs Holland 2012
730 Nissan LEAFs sold in Norway this year

Even in France, widely hailed as the regionís future electric car capital, and where Renault-Nissan was expected to be the main torch bearer for the industry, so far battery cars have scarcely made a ripple...more


West European ELECTRIC car sales by maRKET:
- april 2012 v april 2011
4-MONTHS 2012 v 4-MONTHS 2011

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