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NORWAY - Norway remains only green EV oasis
Sole blip on electric car industry radar – Norway’s solo move
Published: Fri, 1 June 2012 10:39:12 GMT

Once again, it is tiny Norway rather than major markets like France or the UK that is leading the electric car industry’s charge towards a toehold presence, and latest figures reveal that these closely watched trends have continued unabated in April.

In Norway, which stands out as the only country in Europe where tax-exempt electric cars are priced more or less at the same level as conventionally powered cars, thanks entirely to the country’s infamous sky-high taxes for non-electric cars, battery powered cars have continued to make steady inroads.

Norwegian electric car sales in April

Electric car sales in April reached 276 units, fuelled in large measure by 124 sales of Nissan’s LEAF, bringing this year’s LEAF sales for the first four months to a substantial 730 units ...more


West European ELECTRIC car sales by market:
- april 2012 v April 2011
4-MONTHS 2012 v 4-MONTHS 2011

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