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STOCK MARKET VIEW - Rays of hope seen for Renault
Renault poised to win “best of the worst” fight
Published: Fri, 1 June 2012 12:14:33 GMT

Stealthy restructuring via Dacia moves production out of Europe - Huge electric investment seen as worrying – “You don’t need a German luxury brand to make nine per cent margins”

Everybody knows that Europe’s mass car makers, minus of course the German domiciled ones, are struggling to fend off huge losses as they pay the penalty for failing to cut costs and shutter excess production.

But Renault, 15 per cent owned by the French government, has been working away on the quiet to shake up its business and is emerging as a dark horse success story as output moves away from Western Europe on the quiet

Renault Twizy office blocks
Renault Twizy - High ambitions

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