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NEW PRODUCT - Baby Toyota Hybrid set for lift off?
Price and real-life economy right to steal diesel sales
Published: Mon, 18 June 2012 15:44:14 GMT

In Europe, yet another member of the autoindustry’s hitherto flightless petrol-electric hybrid cars is about to line up on the runway.

But this time, coming in the guise of Toyota’s strikingly economical and keenly priced Yaris Hybrid, it might just take off into Europe’s notoriously hostile skies

Toyota, the industry’s way and ahead most successful and most innovative force in the promising looking hybrid car market, last month outlined an aggressive pricing strategy for the full-hybrid version of its new Yaris small car in a move it hopes will attract mainly economy-conscious European buyers of premium price diesel–powered Small-Sector cars

Toyota Yaris hybrid 2012MY street shot

Toyota’s Yaris earns its ‘Hybrid badge’


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