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FRANCE - Monsieur Hollande we’ve got a problem
French domestic car sales barometer points to ‘Low’
Published: Mon, 18 June 2012 18:16:02 GMT

May sees 8th successive fall in new car sales – Cure-de-jour: demand-boosting scrappage incentives could be back soon – Without a quick fix, France is heading at best for a mere 1.8m car sales this year, presumably driven by volume carmakers’ desperate fire-sale prices that generate next to no profits

The fallout from slipping economic activity at home and abroad has further sunk its teeth into France’s already rapidly dwindling market for new passenger cars.

The resulting sales famine, underlined by seven successive months of plummeting sales, means that domestic carmakers Peugeot-Citroën and Renault are now getting shot down in flames.

The severity of domestic autoindustry difficulties are such that France’s incoming new Socialist government is now said to consider reintroducing car scrappage incentives in order to get France’s struggling autoindustry back on its feet

Hollande Citroen DS5 500
Scrappage schemes to be re-introduced by France's new Socialist government?


FRENCH CAR sales by manufacturer and marque:
new car sales by manufacturer and marque MAY 2012 v MAY 2011
FRENCH new car sales by manufacturer and marque 5-Mths '12 v 5-Mths '11


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