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WESTERN EUROPE - Exclusive: Low voltage trickle charge
If Bluecarís rental fleet additions are ignored, just 165 plug-ins were sold in France this May
Published: Wed, 04 July 2012 17:08:12 GMT

As a first and outwardly mildly encouraging sign for a largely disillusioned electric car industry, electric car demand in France appears to have picked up just a bit from the snailís pace seen during the early months of this year.

Nevertheless, after digesting latest trends, domestic carmakers Renault, Peugeot or CitroŽn are having to confront the unpalatable truth that the beginning of Franceís much-hyped electric car future is not quite materialising as envisaged, and that some head scratching and lateral thinking will be needed to give Franceís largely lifeless electric car market a high-voltage jump start

Autolib rental car Paris
French EV market made up mainly of Ďpay as you goí fleet rental additions
Photo: ©Pascal Anziani



West European ELECTRIC car sales by maRKET:
- May 2012
- 5-Months 2012

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