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WESTERN EUROPE - Initial optimism dulled - EV car sales
Earlier electric car sales forecasts now seen as too optimistic
Published: Wed, 04 July 2012 18:52:12 GMT

Reality is that Germany’s innovative carmakers appear to be united in the view that for electric cars there is a bright future ahead.

However, opinions are divided as to when notable numbers of electric cars will be sold.

Electric cars sold this May in Germany

In short, the question is not so much if these electric cars will eventually capture a meaningful chunk of the market, but when.

Renault-Nissan’s CEO Carlos Ghosn, stuck out his neck only last year when saying that by 2020 one in ten of the new cars sold in Europe will be electric.

About a year further down the road, following a slow start from electric cars, Mr Ghosn’s initial electric car sales forecast for Europe has come under fire for being too optimistic

Smart electric charging
330 - Plug-in Smarts first registered in Germany in 2011


West European PLUG-IN car sales by maRKET:
- MAY 2012
5-MONTHS 2012

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