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CHINA - Avalanche of opportunities
BorgWarner scoops turbo supply deal with China’s BYD
Published: Mon, 18 June 2012 18:16:02 GMT

BorgWarner’s turbo division believes it will cash in on the gathering trend for engine downsizing in China’s petrol dominated Light-vehicle market by saying that it scooped a turbo-supply deal from China’s BYD for its first in-house developed petrol engine

Punishment by taxation, which already has a familiar ring with Europe’s car buyers and owners, is seen as no less of a pain by their Chinese cousins.

Not only in Europe or the US, in China too, engine downsizing has emerged as the automotive trend of the moment.

In short, the combination of fewer cylinders, allied to lower capacity engines boosted by well-understood latest turbo-charging technology have made a name for themselves as cost-effective antidotes to otherwise spiralling CO
2-linked vehicle taxes ...more

BYD steering towards a European technology future
BYD to offer European technology in China


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