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STOCK MARKET VIEW - Mercedes begins to feel pressure of global slowdown
Can it narrow the gap with BMW, Audi?
Published: Wed, 04 July 2012 20:07:02 GMT

Can it narrow the gap with BMW, Audi? - Profit margin struggle will continue until 2014 - Even mighty German premium car makers have to face reality some time and Mercedes is beginning to feel the pinch from weakening markets around the world

Mercedes is facing a difficult changeover of important models like the E- and S-class, while prices are coming under pressure in key markets China and Germany.

Citigroup Global Markets has published a negative research note on Mercedes, while Bernstein Research questioned the company’s ability to compete with its main rivals Audi and BMW, doubting its brand power

Doubts over Mercedes targets
Doubts over Mercedes’ long-term sales targets

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