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EUROPE - Enough is enough - Opel
GM Opel boss Stracke throws the towel - Sedran named interim CEO
Published: Wed, 18 July 2012 17:00:02 GMT

Karl-Friedrich Stracke, CEO of GMs Opel- Vauxhall offshoot and president of GM Europe, unexpectedly and unexplained cleared his desk last Thursday.

The hasty and unexplained resignation after a tenure of just 15 months at the helm has left GMs loss-making European arm drifting rudderless in treacherous stormy seas.

With Strackes departure, leaving GM Europe without a captain on the bridge, GMs Vice-president Stephen Girsky will be parachuted in to act as a caretaker helmsman

GM Opel boss Sedran - interim CEO
Little to smile about for Dr. Thomas Sedran


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