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WORLD - Mercedes first luxury car brand to feel the pinch
Both Audi and Porsche maintain upward trajectory, little steam lost so far - global cooling
Published: Wed, 18 July 2012 17:08:02 GMT

First signs that even for Germanyís prestige carmakers the milk and honey days are drawing to a close are contained in AID compiled half-year global prestige car sales figures, showing that Mercedesí earlier speeding bandwagon has slowed progressively since the start of this year to little more than walking pace as global demand for its status-rich cars has slowed markedly faster than that of main premium sector rivals BMW, Audi and Porsche.

However, Mercedesí Dieter Zetsche can console himself with another development.

The broader trend shows that of late global demand for prestige cars has also displayed the first unmistakable signs of slowing, rising by less than 6 per cent this June.

Thatís well-down from the 9 per cent gain in the first half and last yearís markedly faster 13.7 per cent

Time for Mr. Zetsche to start worrying?
Time for Mr. Zetsche to start worrying?


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