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GERMANY - So far so good
Sigh of relief as Germany’s June car market grows 2.9%
Published: Wed, 18 July 2012 17:22:02 GMT

Germany’s new car market, after showing the first serious sign of weakness in May, when sales dropped unexpectedly by almost 5 per cent, appears to have reverted to the modest and steady upward path seen during the early part of this year.

Germany's June new car sales gain

June’s new car sales rose 2.9 per cent, dismissing widely harboured fears that Germany too was about to be dragged down by the recessionary forces already gripping major markets like France Italy and Spain. ...more

Berlin traffic
Market remains marginally up on a year ago


GERMANY new CAR sales by manufacturer and marque:
new car sales by manufacturer and marque JUNE 2012 v JUNE 2011
GERMAN new car sales by manufacturer and marque 6-Mths '12 v 6-Mths '11



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