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CHINA - China’s rich still out shopping
Half-year sales of Mercedes’ Luxobarge S-Class in China up 29% to 20,800
Published: Thu, 02 August 2012 18:32:01 GMT

Mercedes S-Class China

The commercial and strategic significance of China’s previously fast expanding car import market is driven home by some salient Mercedes car sales figures.

Mercedes says that half year sales of its flagship S-Class luxury cars in China rose 29 per cent to 20,800 units.

Mercedes S-Class sold
in China so far this

Put into perspective, that compares directly with just 5,510 first-half S-Class sales in the US, which long ranked as the world’s biggest market for Mercedes’ S-class luxury


CHINA new CAR sales by manufacturer and marque:
China new car sales by manufacturer and marque JUNE 2012 v JUNE 2011
China new car sales by manufacturer and marque 6-Mths '12 v 6-Mths '11


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