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ITALY - End of la dolce vita
Italy on track for lowest annual new car sales in 33 years
Published: Thu, 02 August 2012 19:53:02 GMT

Fiat Panda Venice Italy

Figures released earlier last month showed Italy’s domestic car sales slipped by just under a quarter in June, marking the tenth successive month of tumbling sales, keeping Italy on track for the lowest annual sales since the late 1970s.

The downbeat flow of automotive data for recession gripped Italy continued last month, this time with a thumping 24.4 per cent plunge in June sales, thus underlining the seriousness of the entrenched car sales slump that with very few exceptions is now affecting



ITALY new CAR sales by manufacturer and marque:
ITALIAN new car sales by manufacturer and marque JUNE 2012 v JUNE 2011
ITALIAN new car sales by manufacturer and marque 6-Mths '12 v 6-Mths '11

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