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Porsche 911, best ever
Thoroughbred Porsche 911 for ‘green’ buyers
Published:Tue, 18 Sep 2012 16:51:20 GMT

Porsche, the German manufacturer of high status cars produced and sold more cars than ever last year, and its very latest product – a new version of its range-topping 911 sports car, first unveiled during last year’s Frankfurt motor show – didn’t make its domestic showroom debut until early December last year. AID drives the new Carrera S and is impressed foremost by the quality of its uncompromising ride and handling, roomier interior and its strikingly modest thirst for today’s pricey fuel.

The new lightweight Carrera 2+2 Coupé tips the scales at just 1,380 kg in base trim, rides on a markedly longer 2.45m wheelbase, and is powered by Porsche’s most agile and yet most economical six-cylinder non-turbo boxer engine to date

Porsche Carrera S AID test drive
Porsche sticks to winning design formula

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