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Europeís truck market slips deeper into decline
15 out of 17 markets see lower September truck sales
Published: Thu, 15 Nov 2012 18:21:48 GMT

Mercedes Trucks silver 2012

Europeís truck sales gloom deepens as September shows a 17.3 per cent dive in sales, bringing the sales shortfall for trucks in the over 3.50t GVW category to 7.4 per cent at this yearís three-quarter stage. The steady deterioration seen since the beginning of this year paints a gloomy picture for this and next yearís European truck sales prospects

The downbeat assessment of the truck marketís worsening health is driven home by the progressive acceleration in the marketís rate of decline, with things turning from bad to worse in the vast majority of West European markets.

Third quarter sales fell 12.6 per cent, coming in the wake of respective falls of 1.3 and 8.3 per cent during this yearís first and second quarter

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