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Rivals forced to play catch-up
For Audi’s clean-sheet A6 things are looking good
Published: Thu, 17 Jan 2013 18:28:11 GMT

Audi A6 Avant Berlin

Europe’s prestige sector-leading Audi, since launching its totally new Executive sector A6/A7 range in early 2011, turned the tables on its main Executive segment rivals. Audi’s clean-sheet A6 range, in domestic Germany, nudged aside former Executive segment leader Mercedes E-Class, whilst also edging ahead of BMW’s 5-Series, according to official KBA car sales figures for last year’s mildly contracting German car market

The commercial success of Audi’s latest A6 range has put both BMW and Mercedes in the position of having to play catch up. A facelifted version of Mercedes’ heavily reworked E-Class first goes on sale in March, following an investment of “almost €1 billion”, according to media reports.

The current E-class range was first launched in 2009, suggesting that this year’s extensive redo will be Mercedes’ most expensive midterm facelift to date

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