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Got a new Crossover - New Ford Kuga
Ford of Europe pins high hopes on its new Spanish-built Kuga
Published: Tue, 19 Feb 2013 08:56:31 GMT

Ford Kuga 2013MY side
Massive choice makes it hard for Kuga to stand out

Sports-Utility vehicles seemed to be an endangered species not so long ago, looking doomed for the scrap heap because environmental legislation insisting on ever higher fuel efficiency threatened to make them unaffordable.

And yet every other new vehicle on the launch pad these days seems to be an SUV, sometimes in Crossover disguise.

Ford, has decided to make a big deal about SUVs because they are so popular. At the launch of Ford’s redesigned compact SUV the Kuga, Ford said this – “The all-new Kuga heralds the start of Ford’s delivery of a comprehensive SUV line-up in Europe.

It will be followed by the arrival of the modern and innovative EcoSport, Ford’s entry into the small SUV segment, and the Edge – a larger, more premium Crossover that is a success in North America and other markets,” Ford said in a statement.

It even dropped the hint that its massive Explorer might be sold in Europe one day

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