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Schmidt's Diesel Car Prospects to 2016
Price: £2295 / Ä2710 / US$3595

AIDís study on Europeís structurally changing diesel car market  

Now includes forecasts by each sector for all 15 European markets

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AMONG the various important aspects of last yearís West European new car market there is probably one that stands out more than others:

The regionís recession-shocked new car buyers now expect considerably more value for money.

Just one consequence of these underlying trends, Europeís car buyers have started to return to the comparative safety of more fuel-economical diesel cars in droves - as can be seen in Schmidt's Diesel Car Prospects to 2016.

This bang-up-to date study probably ranks as the most comprehensive statistical study on West Europeís market dominating diesel car market.

Above all, the conditions of demand have changed almost beyond recognition during these past few years, and in consequence have impacted a great deal on the diesel marketís underlying health.


2010ís pattern of new car demand in Europe, continuing a trend likely to cause at least some mild embarrassment among some eminent forecasters in and out of the industry, has swung back strongly to more fuel-efficient diesel cars.

Geographically more widespread and markedly quicker than generally predicted, the regionís diesel car market has posted a 7.4 per cent rise in sales in an overall market that fell 4.8 per cent.

The contrast between petrol and diesel powered cars could barely be sharper. 2010ís 7.4 per cent rise in diesel car sales contrasts with a 15.1 per cent fall in sales from petrol-powered cars.

AIDís long-time experts on the underlying developments in Europeís long-buzzing diesel car scene, after studying the underlying health of the regionís diesel car market under a microscope, see sufficient reason to issue Europeís diesel car market with a clean bill of health.

Diesel pump Germany


What were the prime reasons behind the previous sudden slowing in Europeís diesel car market and the consequential heavy rebound?

What led to a diesel share increase in every West European market except for one?

Fast forward to the end of 2010.

While diesels were expected to bounce back strongly in these major scrappage aided markets, the same certainly cannot be said for the majority of other markets. AID investigates the reasons for these opposing fortunes.


Much can go wrong with rosy diesel scenarios.

Cost benefit analysis and the vital issue of rocketing diesel fuel prices together with discriminatory vehicle taxes specifically aimed against diesel cars were considered.


Twenty five years of diesel passenger car sales trends (sales volumes and percentage share of total car market) for western Europe as well as each of 15 individual markets.

Fuel pump price movements - petrol versus diesel.

Twenty five years history for each European market.

Key data, analysis and projections:


i) Introduction

ii) Management Summary

iii) Market Overview

iv) Reasons behind decline and then rebound of Europe's diesel car market.

v) Technology - Exhaust emissions - Cost hurdles

SCR Selective Catalytic Reduction vs NSC NOx Storage catalyst.
Some diesel carmakers face major hurdles in meeting Euro-6 exhaust emission standards for diesels in Europe and US. What are the options and who is doing what? Will smaller capacity petrol turbos, petrol electric hybrids and pure electric vehicles pose a threat to the future prosperity of the diesel car market?

  vi) Pricing and running cost considerations

Key issue of fuel price differentials, impact of taxation as well as diesel price premium still demanded by manufacturers. Whatís in store for the future?

  vii) SCR Selective Catalytic Reduction and NSC NOx Storage catalysts in detail

The big switch to ultra-green diesels is likely to impact on consumer choice. Big changes and decisions are expected, providing PR and cost headaches for some and untold opportunities for others. A round-up of whatís ahead on the NOx and SCR front is included.

  viii) Opportunities and threats

Much can go wrong with rosy diesel scenarios. ĎCost benefit analysisí and the vital issue of discriminatory vehicle taxes and ultra-tough exhaust emissions specifically aimed against diesel cars are examined.


1) Twenty five years of diesel passenger car sales trends

Diesel sales volumes and percentage share of total car market for Western Europe as well as each of 15 individual markets.


2) Fuel pump-price movements - petrol versus diesel

Up to ten years history for most West European markets, plus latest 2011 picture.


3) More than half-a-decade of historical diesel car sales (2005-2010) for Europe and each of 15 markets:

3.1 Diesel volume, share and penetration analysis.

3.2 Sector analysis and sector forecast (Basic, Small, Lower-medium, Upper-medium, Near-executive, Executive, Luxury, People-carriers and 4WD Sports-utilities).

3.3) Analysis by manufacturer group and marque.

3.4) Model range (i.e VW Golf/Bora, Peugeot 207, etc).


4) More than half-a-decade of historical diesel car production (2005-2010) in Western Europe

4.1 Diesel volume plus share of total car production.

4.2 By marque and manufacturer group.

4.3 By model range.


5) Forecast annual diesel passenger car sales to 2016 plus share of total passenger car market

5.1 Total West European diesel volume and penetration.

5.1.1 By sector (Basic, Small, Lower-medium etc).

5.2 By market for each and every one of 15 markets.

5.3 By sector for each and every one of 15 markets.

"If the underlying health and politically sensitive future direction of the long-expanding and commercially
hugely significant European market for diesel powered passenger cars is important to you, your decisions and
your business Schmidtís Diesel Car Prospects to 2016 is essential reading!"

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