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West European Truck Study cover Schmidt's 2011 TRUCK AID
Price: 503 / €634 
CD-ROM version £549 / €688
Offer: Book + CD-ROM: £709 / €894

Western Europe
Truck Forecast to 2016

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Across Europe truck markets are on the rebound

West European sales & production of Trucks over 3.5t GVW

Following one of the most dismal periods on record for the West European truck market this specialist truck publication gives an overview of that bleak period and a look into the future. The brand-new Schmidt's 2011 Truck AID publication is priced at just 503/634. Whichever way you look at this trusted publication, by direct comparison with virtually anything on the truck scene at present, Schmidt's 2011 Truck AID is unmatched for detail. Call us arrogant, if you like, but the truth is that it probably represents the nearest thing to a Bible on Western Europe's complex truck market.

Schmidt's 2011 Truck AID is aimed at all those who need to understand the competitive structure and underlying trends in Western Europe's commercial vehicle market over 3.5t GVW. Significantly, unlike most rival products, the content is based on more than two decades of truck knowledge and is therefore tailor-made to suit the needs of thousands of small and medium size component manufacturers. Likewise, any analyst worth his salt needs to understand the current competitive structure, let alone the future direction of Western Europe's light, medium and heavyduty truck markets particularly after the crash in this market during the last two years.

As with previous commercial vehicle studies from AID, this latest industry trusted, specialist publication splits the commercial vehicle market above 3.5t GVW into its vital constituent parts. In short, Schmidt's 2011 Truck AID contains detailed market information for:

Light Duty Trucks: (3.51t - 6.00t GVW)
Medium Duty Trucks:(6.01t - 15.99t GVW)
Heavy Duty Trucks: (16.00t GVW and above)


If your line of business concerns commercial vehicles over 3.5t GVW, most of your data needs are catered for. The study provides an expertly presented snapshot of full year 2010/2009 market developments. In doing so it provides you with full comprehension as to who is doing what and where. Who are the leaders and laggards and who has recently joined the upwardly mobile. And all this is not only provided for each of the three main weight segments,
but also by market, which in turn are rolled-up to provide a comprehensive West European overview.

Last, but not least, to assist in your forward planning, the study provides a 6-year sales and production forecast for all trucks over 3.50t GVW together with a detailed split for heavies from 16.00t GVW; both for Europe as a whole and for individual markets. The forecast, as you would expect, is bang up to date and incorporates the latest trends and events witnessed during the beginning of 2011. Responding to the needs of our customers, we also offer this latest publication on CD-ROM. The page format and visual presentation is as per the conventional book version.

What do you say?

If we've convinced you that Schmidt's 2011 Truck AID is worth having, give us a call or alternatively send a fax or email. Likewise, let's hear from you if you have any specific questions as to the study's detailed and comprehensive content.

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