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GERMANY - Audi - Olympian Effort
Audi hits rich golden Chinese seam, posts record €5.3bn operating profit
Published: Thu, 15 Mar 2012 18:05:56 GMT

Audi, the still high-flying prestige brand of Germany’s Volkswagen Group ended last year with a sackful of new all-time records.

Apart from selling a record 1.3m cars last year, Audi completed a bumper year with a near two-thirds jump in operating profits to €5.3bn, thus catapulting last year’s operating margin to a sky-high 12.1 per cent, and its pre-tax margin to an even more imposing 13.7 per cent.

True to its reputation as Volkswagen’s main profit growth engine, last year the Audi brand alone earned close on half of the Volkswagen Group’s €11.3bn record operating profits


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