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WESTERN EUROPE - EUís CO2 policy with teeth does the trick
Fuel-efficiency from cars moves ahead of EUís 2015 goal
Published: Fri, 1 June 2012 11:38:56 GMT

Last year, Europeís average CO2 emissions from cars have slipped yet another notch to 135.5g/km from 140.2g/km in 2010

The extent of the progress made by the industry of late can be judged from the EUís average CO
emissions from cars of 161g/km in 2004 and 185g/km in 1995 EU demands that average CO
2 emission from cars must be cut to 130g/km from 2015, initially greeted by widespread weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth at most autoindustry headquarters, will probably be met at least a year early.

135.5 g/km
2011 average EU
CO2 emissions from cars

Thatís the upbeat view from latest official EU figures showing that the autoindustryís dedicated efforts to cut average fuel consumption of cars in line with the EUís mandatory target for 2015 have progressed significantly faster and more effectively than first feared ...more


West European Average CO2 Emissions by Market:


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