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August electric car sales - Norway outsells Germany
Northern fringe Norway outsells Germany almost 2:1 in August EV market
Published: Thu, 26 Sep 2013 15:45:10 GMT

Norway Nissan Leaf Electric

AID’s exclusively compiled data reveals that Norway’s August electric car sales (700) were almost twice the number registered during the same month in Germany despite having a population that is just 1/16th the size of Germany, Europe’s most populous country. 

Aside from the notable August electric car sales surge in the Netherlands, where sales more than doubled to 678 units - thanks to GM’s potent Volt sales-push efforts - the 14.4 per cent rise to 2,778 units in West Europe’s electric car sales this August was due in large measure to the continued sales gains in Norway. 

Norway's new electric car sales share after 8 months

With an electric car sales share of 3.4 per cent after eight months, Norway ranks head-and-shoulder above the rest as West Europe’s electric car capital, according to AID’s exclusively compiled electric car sales data.

Testament to the country’s closely monitored bellwether status in today’s European electric car sales world, this August Norway topped the region’s best-seller chart with 700 sales to its credit.

So, Norway’s electric car market outsold not only major markets like France and the UK by a wide margin, but also Germany


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West European new electric car sales:  
by country AUGUST 2013 VS AUGUST 2012
by country 8-MONths 2013 VS 8-MONths 2012

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