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Tesla Model S - Norway’s top-selling car in September
Electric Tesla Model S, Norway’s top-selling car in September
Published: Mon, 23 Sep 2013 16:11:03 GMT

Tesla Model S red electric Frankfurt 2013 stand

Tesla shock has hit Europe’s car makers as bewildered electric car industry competitors scramble to react to this month’s sensational sales surge from Tesla’s newly arrived Model S in Norway, Europe’s undisputed electric car capital. The newly landed Tesla Model S, after a market presence of less than two months, already topped Norway’s best-sellers' list during the opening two week’s of this month, comfortably outselling all other cars, regardless of fuel type 

By any measure, sales of the Tesla Model S in Norway got off to a sensational start. 

Hot on the heels of recording 184 registrations in its debut month in Norway, little more than halfway through the current month – the period ending September 16th – registrations of the Model S in Norway zoomed to a chart-topping 322 units to bulldoze Volkswagen’s conventionally powered Golf out of first place by a substantial sales margin, according to AID compiled data. 

Sales of the conventionally powered Golf, regardless of fuel, reached 256 units, AID compiled figures reveal. 

Tesla Model S September registrations in Norway - period ending September 16th

In the two week selling period ending September 16th, the Tesla Model S comfortably topped Norway’s top-seller chart, accounting for 6.2 per cent of all the new cars sold in Norway during this two-week period. 

The second-placed Volkswagen Golf took another 4.9 per cent, followed in third and fourth position by the Toyota Auris and the Mazda CX-5. 

While fifth, sixth and seventh position for this particular period went in turn to the Volvo V40, Škoda Octavia and the Toyota RAV4, the number eight slot went to Nissan’s LEAF, Norway’s most popular electric car so far this year. 

Expressed in market share terms, and only for the two or so weeks ending September 16th, Tesla’s fast gaining Model S and Nissan’s LEAF alone, both fully-fledged electric cars, already captured a combined market share of 9.1 per cent


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