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Will September’s Tesla sizzle fizzle?
Never before in European history have so many electric cars been registered in a single month
Published: Thu, 31 October 2013 16:59:31 GMT

Is this the first sign of a lasting breakthrough or a mere transient blip? AID investigates.

Tesla’s newly arrived Model S made a big splash in a small pool, and no more so than in Norway where it alone accounted for six-in-ten of September’s bumper electric car registrations. 

The resulting 79.1 per cent rise in Norway’s September electric car sales to 1,044 units has almost single-handedly propped-up West Europe’s overall electric car market. 

As a consequence, in September Norway was crowned Europe’s way and ahead biggest electric car market. 

Norway’s September electric car sales

Not only did it outsell Germany and the UK, but also France, where the electric car industry’s total September haul reached just 644 units.

September’s cold headline statistics may suggest that the region’s hitherto flightless electric car
market has finally taken off. 

But further scrutiny of AID’s exclusively compiled figures also reveals that September’s outwardly promising-looking electric car sales story paints a somewhat distorted picture


West Europe’s best-ever month for electric car registrations  31 Oct 2013

Tesla Model S, Norway’s top-selling car in September  03 Oct 2013

August electric car sales blues  03 Oct 2013


West European new electric car sales:  
by country SEPTEMBER 2013 VS SEPTEMBER 2012
by country 9-MONths 2013 VS 9-MONths 2012

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