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Russia - Cooler tone all-round
Russia, after 3-year car sales marathon, slows to walking pace
Published: Thu, 04 Apr 2013 16:56:41 GMT

Moscow parked cars rain 2013

Russia’s car recovery which first began just over three years ago has ground to a shuddering halt. Although confronted by a year of stagnation at best, this year’s Russian car market is nevertheless on track to equal, if not surpass, this year’s notably faster cooling German market. Today’s collective reading of the market runes suggests that both markets could conceivably end the current year with around 2.8 million sold cars, making it a conceivable dead heat for European car market supremacy

The second fall in the past three months confirms the earlier held industry view that Russia’s new car market has lost at least some of its stored up heat during recent months, giving rise to forecasts of largely static sales during the current year. 

Yet, Russia’s cooling car market, put into perspective, still appears in notably better mettle than Germany’s, lending support to the prospect that this year Russia could conceivably overtake Germany as Europe’s biggest passenger car market


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RUSSIA new CAR sales:
RUSSIA new car sales by manufacturer and marque FEB 2013 v FEB 2012
RUSSIA new car sales by manufacturer and marque 2-MTHS 2013 v 2-MTHS 2012

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