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French lifeline in Russia
Renault clearly rode to Ladaís rescue, and itís beginning to show
Published: Thu, 04 Apr 2013 18:54:58 GMT

Renault Captur launch Geneva

The reasons, some market observers believe, are all too easily spotted. 

Thatís chiefly the help from its Renault joint-venture partner, which evidently provided both the means, know-how and hardware to develop new advanced future products that were previously totally out of reach for cash-starved and struggling Lada.

The clearest sign yet that Russiaís average car buying public is clearly attracted to Renaultís bait, hordes of Russiaís consumers have clearly taken to Renaultís Dacia-based budget price cars like ducks to water


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RUSSIA new CAR sales:
RUSSIA new car sales by manufacturer and marque FEB 2013 v FEB 2012
RUSSIA new car sales by manufacturer and marque 2-MTHS 2013 v 2-MTHS 2012

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