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Game changer for Europe’s electric car industry?
Published: Tue, 30 Apr 2013 19:06:33 GMT

BMW i3 geneva re-fuelling

Market observers are in no doubt that the imminent retail launch of Renault’s more reasonably priced ZOE, flanked by Daimler’s same technology hope – the electric Smart – and BMW’s forthcoming i-range will raise consumer interest in pure electric cars. 

But if today’s industry pulse-sensing is any guide to the next twelve to twenty-four months, many autoindustry thinkers still remain unconvinced that the inevitable increase in registrations, fuelled by the market debut of a handful of new electric cars from various carmakers such as Renault, Smart and BMW for instance, will soon trigger a lasting breakthrough and the long sought-after change in genuine consumer interest. 

At least not in the very short-term


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