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A BMW hatchback by any name
Munich carmaker heads into new niche with stretched wheelbase 3-Series GT
Published: Fri, 17 May 2013 09:27:43 GMT

BMW 3GT side view 2013MY

BMW enters another niche - Slightly bigger than touring, interior space like a 5-Series - BMW niche-making in high gear; 10 more by end 2014 - China 3 GT sales will outpace North America

This time itís a hatchback version of the 3-Series, although calling it the Gran Turismo makes it sound much more exciting. 

The 3-Series GT is a little big bigger than the Touring version, which is also slightly larger than the bog-standard saloon. 

This allows BMW to create much improved space for the rear passengers, although its claim that three can ride comfortably in the back on long journeys is stretching it a bit


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