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In Britain shopping is a national sport
UK sees 15th successive month of car sales growth, best May for six years
Published: Tue, 18 June 2013 18:37:31 GMT

Kia showroom UK

In a month that saw yet another month of contracting sales in all of Europeís other main markets, Britainís car market was swept along by a continuing buying wave from mainly private buyers, boosting Mayís car market by a trendbucking 11 per cent to the highest May sales level since pre-crisis 2007.

Ongoing, albeit lessening jitters in virtually all of continental Europe, have provided deeply anxious consumers with little confidence to open their wallets.

Thatís not just in the crisis-struck eurozone, but consumersí reluctance to throw caution to the wind is echoed no less among the affluent consumers in both Sweden and Switzerland for instance


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EUROPEAN new CAR sales:
European new car sales by country MAY 2013 v MAY 2012
European new car sales by country 5-MONTHS 2013 v 5-MONTHS 2012

W. European new car sales by manufacturer and marque MAY 2013 v MAY 2012
W. European new car sales by manufacturer and marque 5-MTHS
'13 v 5-MTHS '12

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