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This spring is a long time coming
Icy grip maintains its hold over West-Europeís car market
Published: Tue, 18 Apr 2013 17:08:33 GMT

VW Berlin Showroom Germany empty
European showrooms starting to resemble ghost towns

More hard evidence that the marketís underlying car sales slippage is getting worse rather than better comes with the publication of Aceaís provisional March car sales figures showing that the entire West European continent remains in the vice-like grip of the coldest automotive spell for decades. 

Most frightening for an already deeply anxious autoindustry is the ferocity and speed at which Europeís confidence-sapped consumers have evidently chosen to stay away from showrooms packed to the rafters with latest design cars of unprecedented variety and value. 

Particularly galling for the industry is the drastic deterioration in Germany, where March sales took a headlong 17.1 per cent dive, resulting in the worst March turnout for 26-years.


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EUROPEAN new CAR sales:
West European new car sales by country MARCH 2013 v MARCH 2012
west European new car sales by country Q1 2013 v Q1 2012

W. European new car sales by manufacturer and marque MAR 2013 v MAR 2012
W. European new car sales by manufacturer and marque Q1
2013 v Q1 2012

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