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Porsche sales on fire
This May Porsche sold more cars than it built during the whole of 1993
Published: Tue, 18 June 2013 18:58:00 GMT

Porsche stand Geneva Motor Show 2013

Porsche, the manufacturer of desirable high-image cars, and still a tiny fish beside its peers, says that its May sales on the global stage rose 12.7 per cent to some 15,020 units. 

Put into perspective, that compares with the dark days of the early 1990s, when the spectacular collapse of Porsche’s US sales brought the company to its knees, leaving its production planners with little choice but to chop full year 1993 production to a mere 13,372 cars. 

Porsche production total for whole of 1993

Porsche worldwide sales total for May 2013

Looked at May’s striking turnout that way, this May more Porsches were sold worldwide than the company built during the whole of 1993...more


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