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China turns into JLR ace card
Tata-owned Jaguar Land Rover regains its long-missing bite
Published: Tue, 04 Jun 2013 18:43:10 GMT

Land Rover badges hand gloves

Jaguar, best know for decades for its ferocious roar and no bite, has bounced back. Testament to its markedly sharper claws, Tata’s flagship car brand now appears fitter and more determined than ever to muscle its way into the luscious hunting grounds that Germany’s top-of-the tree carmakers had roamed with great success almost unchallenged

JLR Jaguar Land Rover, though still dwarfed by the global commercial might of prestige sector rivals BMW, Audi and Mercedes, cruised in with glowing 2013 pre-tax fiscal year profits. 

From l’enfant terrible of Britain’s autoindustry to reborn star, last year’s prodigious JLR profits propped up its otherwise weak and frail-looking Tata parent.

Boosted by a sackful of new appealing new products like its hot-selling new Range Rover Evoque and a robust 48 per cent jump to 77,075 vehicle sales in China - made up in large measure of the company’s trendy upmarket SUVs - JLR’s pre-tax profits for the last fiscal year period rose 11 per cent to £1.68 billion.

Although down on the previous year, its pre-tax margin for last year remained comfortably in the double-digit stratosphere enjoyed


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