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Truck sales horizon getting brighter but won’t last
Europe’s truck sales gloom lifting, but likely pre-buying clouds 2014 outlook
Published: Thu 18 July 2013 17:47:00 GMT

West European Truck Sales history 2013 graphic

Why all is not as grim as it looks so far – some truck industry visionaries expect 4th quarter pre-buying for cheaper Euro 5 trucks, potentially leading to a year of two halves

May’s West European truck sales showed the continuation of what has been a progressive slowing in the rate of decline since the late spring. 

Sales early this year continued to fall sharply, dropping by between 14.8 and 20.4 per cent between January and March, but starting this April, the rate of decline started to slow markedly, thus pointing to considerably brighter skies on the immediate horizon.

These underlying trends were also echoed in Volvo’s latest truck delivery figures. 

Volvo, with its regular updates on the delivery progress of its trucks, does not provide such data for individual countries, but does so for various regions, and in so doing provides a useful tell-tale indicator as to the market’s underlying state of health. 

Its latest figures show a 7.6 per cent drop in its May truck deliveries in Western Europe


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West European new TRUCK sales > 3.5T GVW by country MAY 2013 v MAY 2012
West European new TRUCK sales > 3.5T GVW by country 5-MTHS '13 v 5-MTHS '12

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