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Car sales slide for 18th month in a row
March down 10%, only UK, among major markets, bucks poor trend
Published: Thu, 18 Apr 2013 15:55:33 GMT

West European car sales March 2013

Europe’s March car market remains in grip of deepest autoindustry winter, keeping West-Europe’s
fast-ebbing car market on track for first sub-11 million annual car sales total since 1985, according
to AID compiled figures

West Europe’s new car sales in March did not fall but plunge. 

4.2 million
Number of predicted annualised car sales shortfall this year compared to 2007

As a great disappointment to carmakers, dealers and suppliers alike, sales took a headlong 10 per cent dive, widening the car sales deficit at the 1st quarter stage to a markedly steeper than feared 9.8 per cent, keeping the weak market on the worst underlying trend rate since 1985 when just 10.6m new cars were sold in the region. 

That’s 4.2 million fewer than were still sold as recently as 2007, AID figures reveal


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EUROPEAN new CAR sales:
West European new car sales by country MARCH 2013 v MARCH 2012
west European new car sales by country Q1 2013 v Q1 2012

W. European new car sales by manufacturer and marque MAR 2013 v MAR 2012
W. European new car sales by manufacturer and marque Q1
2013 v Q1 2012

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