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China holds up well
China’s car market lost little fizz since start of this year
Published: Tue 30 Apr 2013 19:21:00 GMT

Mercedes GLA concept crossover China 2013

Car sales figures for March, greeted with a huge sigh of relief from a previously anxious autoindustry, showed that so far this year the world’s biggest car market has lost little if any heat. 

If anything, judged from a robust-looking 14.3 per cent jump in March, buoyed in no small measure by a sudden surge from less than a handful of intrinsic carmakers, since the start of this year China’s car market has performed excellently.

Sales figures for the first quarter, up nearly 19 per cent, gave rise to predictions that the whole of this year will also beat most earlier forecasts by a substantial margin. 

At a time when carmakers are struggling to keep their heads above water in Europe’s storm tossed seas, and when Russia’s, Brazil’s and particularly India’s long-trumpeted car sales fortunes are looking a great deal less miraculous of late, China still stands out as a genuine autoindustry bright spot, promising to soften the blow of sagging sales elsewhere for yet another year


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CHINA new CAR sales:
CHINA new car sales by manufacturer and marque MAR 2013 v MAR 2012
CHINA new car sales by manufacturer and marque Q1
2013 v Q1 2012

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