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India’s tiger no longer roars
Tata’s domestic car ambitions suffer a severe setback
Published: Tue, 30 Apr 2013 19:56:41 GMT

India traffic Goa

India, while long-overshadowed by China’s breakneck pace of car sales expansion, was trumpeted nevertheless as one of the world’s fastest expanding car markets that would greatly lessen the world’s autoindustry’s high traditional dependency on key sales regions such as North America and Western Europe.

However, judged from the fast-deteriorating conditions seen during last year’s second half, followed by a further steep deterioration in underlying new car demand during this year’s grim opening quarter, has tempted some market watchers to reassess their ambitious earlier growth assumptions

Latest developments have struck a chord with some market observers who have long felt that some forecasters were overly over-optimistic with their medium to long-term car sales projections for India


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INDIA new CAR sales:
INDIA new car sales by manufacturer and marque MAR 2013 v MAR 2012
INDIA new car sales by manufacturer and marque Q1
2013 v Q1 2012

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