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Ford’s can-do US car hybrid strategy
Ford’s car hybrid strategy is making waves
Published: Tue, 04 June 2013 18:59:31 GMT

Ford Fusion hybrid 2013 wheel

Executives at Ford, initially hoping to convince green-thinking US new car buyers that their latest petrol-electric hybrids will answer the all-round performance and fuel economy challenge issued by Toyota’s highly successful trend-setters, are pleased with the positive domestic US reception for their latest home-grown green machines 

By any measure, America’s hybrid car market is a one brand affair. 

That’s in the sense that the segment is effectively dominated by the products of just one single car maker, whose products have so far accounted for the lion’s share of America’s hybrid car market. 

That manufacturer, which was first to get this particular ball rolling, was of course Toyota. 

While Toyota’s pioneering and greatly matured hybrids still make most of the running, Ford has clearly not been twiddling thumbs in idleness while Toyota or anyone else continued to clean up in the promising US hybrid car market. 

Far from it. Testimony to its Herculean effort to offer its domestic US buyers a competitive home-grown alternative to Toyota’s highly regarded hybrids, Ford put some serious effort into its own hybrid product strategy, and when judged from its progress since hasn’t looked back


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